Simple Beauty

Coloring for adults is sweeping the globe!
I have thrown my hat into the ring of coloring book designers with BLOOM.
Here’s why …

The gorgeous, detailed, tiny images in many of coloring books thrill and daunt me!
What if I mess up?
How will I get my pen way down into the curve of the page where the book is bound?
Will I ever finish just one of these pages?

Enter BLOOM stage left!
The images are large enough for people who like to color, but don’t see well.
For people who have trouble holding a fine point marker or colored pencil, BLOOM also works nicely because
you can use a broad tip marker.  That’s also a good thing for people with little hands – children!
BLOOM is bound at the top of the page, so the binding does not get in the way of left handed people
and for all of us who want to lay the book flat to color!
The BLOOM images take from 10-30 minutes to complete which might be the best thing of all!
In that short amount of time, we become mindful, we choose colors that please us, we fill
in shapes that are already drawn, and then we have added beauty to the world and to our day!

Go forth!  BLOOM!

Love, Elizabeth

Meet Elizabeth

Elizabeth Vander Kamp

Elizabeth Vander Kamp - certified Zentangle teacher - CZT, storyteller, calligrapher, movement teacher!

Through these mediums Elizabeth celebrates language. Zentangles are new to Elizabeth’s repetoire - a fun, easy to learn, relaxing way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns. While her homebase is Birmingham, AL, she also travels telling stories as she goes. Her calligraphic work has spread across the globe and her work as a movement teacher reaches across the United States. Contact Elizabeth today for your special event.

1824 Lancaster Road, Birmingham, AL 35209 | 205.441.8462

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