The key to the future of the world is finding optimistic stories and letting them be known according to Pete Seeger. Elizabeth agrees! Stories are everywhere – We are stories! By mining the riches of cultures past and present for triumphant tales, Elizabeth shares hope. In recounting personal experiences – like the time she rubbed poison ivy on her face to get out of going to school, Elizabeth shares humor and the passion of an eight year old girl. Through listening, Elizabeth encourages the storytelling of others. Book her today for a magical and transformative storytelling event!



Elizabeth tells stories for all ages and all sizes of audiences from small in home gatherings to performing arts and everything in between. Storytelling draws people together and can be the perfect beginning of a team building workshop or a family reunion. Contact Elizabeth about fees as they vary per event.

"Elizabeth Vander Kamp is an artist of uncompromising quality and grace. While her talents are many, they each stem from one place: a richly divine and selfless heart. As a dynamic storyteller and actor, Elizabeth delivers perfection while she relishes every single word."

— David Roby, playwright, director, actor

Meet Elizabeth

Elizabeth Vander Kamp

Elizabeth Vander Kamp - certified Zentangle teacher - CZT, storyteller, calligrapher, movement teacher!

Through these mediums Elizabeth celebrates language. Zentangles are new to Elizabeth’s repetoire - a fun, easy to learn, relaxing way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns. While her homebase is Birmingham, AL, she also travels telling stories as she goes. Her calligraphic work has spread across the globe and her work as a movement teacher reaches across the United States. Contact Elizabeth today for your special event.

1824 Lancaster Road, Birmingham, AL 35209 | 205.441.8462

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